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Stallion Nominators

Stallion Nominators

Stallion Nominations

Benefits of nominating Stallions for the NSW Breeding Schemes:

  • Allows Owners Bonus Certificates to be redeemed against their service fees
  • Nominators are paid 5% of NSW Breeders Challenge and Trot NSW prizemoney

The Stallion must be nominated by the Stud prior to the breeding season which agrees to pay Foal Fees to HRNSW, which are charged on a live foal basis of each NSW Breeders Challenge eligible foal.

NSW DOMICILED STALLIONS FREE – subsidised by HRNSW through Tax Parity
INTERSTATE STALLIONS $110 per live foal

HRNSW sends out Nomination Forms directly to each stud. Alternatively please download the nomination form below.

Forms are due by 31 August each year prior to the commencement of the Breeding Season.

2019-20 Nominated Stallions

Stallion Incentive Scheme

HRNSW offers an advertising subsidy to encourage owners of highly credentialed stallions to stand them in NSW which provides coverage on Trots TV, in the e- Gazette, HRNSW website, in the National Trotguide and on the Sky Racing channels (TV & Radio).

Studs are afforded a subsidy for the first three (3) years.

Year $ HRNSW
First Year Up to $10,000 Fully subsidised
Second Year Up to $10,000 Fully subsidised
Third Year Up to $5,000 – 50/50 Basis (HRNSW/Stud)